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Get Job API

Use the Get Job API to display details for specific jobs on your website.

Note: This API requires the jobkey parameter supplied by the search response of the Job Search API.

Request parameters

Parameter Type Required Description Default
publisher string Yes Publisher ID. Indeed assigns the Publisher ID after you create a Publisher account. Locate this ID on the XML Feed tab of your Publisher account. -----
jobkeys list Yes Job keys. Retrieve the job key from the Job Search API search response. Separate lists of job keys with commas. -----
v int Yes Version of the API. You must set this value to 2. -----
format string No Output format of the API. You can specify xml or json. xml

Search request example<PUBLISHER_ID>&jobkeys=<JOBKEY1>,<JOBKEY2>&v=2

Search response example

<response version="2"> 
	        <jobtitle>Sales Account Executive</jobtitle> 
			<formattedLocation>Stamford, CT</formattedLocation>
			<date>Tue, 03 Aug 2017 14:00:47 GMT</date>
			    Indeed is looking for strategic Account Executives to 
			    help in the expansion of our Stamford, CT location. 
			    We are in the process of interviewing sales candidates 
			    who have 2-5 years of sales experience and who have 
			    experience generating new business and growing 
			    existing accounts. A strong candidate will have excellent 
			    communication skills, consistent work ethic and a desire 
			    to be a part of the...
			<onmousedown>indeed_clk(this, '');</onmousedown>
			<formattedLocationFull>Stamford, CT 06902</formattedLocationFull>
			<formattedRelativeTime>6 days ago</formattedRelativeTime>