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Proctor - A/B Testing Framework by Indeed

Best Practices


"Inactive" vs not allocated

There is a difference in how proctor handles not allocated (failed to match rule) and being put into an "inactive" group

invalid matrix a given test

Single test will be invalid and will be "random" 100% -1 bucket add interface to log and capture the load. ("loadListener")

preventing user drift using group changes

When increasing test sizes, ensure that users do not get unintentionally switched from the test to control buckets.

There are two common approaches for handling this:

assign groups starting at the "ends" of your allocation ranges and simply increase the allocations

control inactive test
10% 80% 10%
control inactive test
20% 60% 20%

assign groups starting at the "beginning" of your allocation ranges increase allocations by using some of inactive users

control test inactive
10% 10% 80%
control test inactive control test
10% 10% 10% 10% 60%

Ensure that users do not drive from test to control during allocation changes

Use cases

  • kill switch
  • dark deploy
  • feature toggle
  • reduce deploy dependencies