The builder converts the multi-file representation of the test-matrix and generates a single-file containing all of the definition.json files for each of the tests. The builder will ensure that the test-definition files are internally consistent and do not refer to undefined bucket values or have allocations that do not sum to 1.0.

The multi-file format of the test-matrix has the following schema underneath a root-directory:

├── test-definitions
|   ├── appfeatureatst
|       ├── definition.json
|   ├── appfeaturebtst
|       ├── definition.json
|   ├── otherappfeaturetst
|       ├── definition.json


$ java -cp xxx com.indeed.proctor.builder.LocalProctorBuilder -i /path/to/root-directory -o build/proctor --author $USER

Command-line arguments

Argument description
-i, --input The root-directory containing the test-defintions directory
-o, --output The output directory. Defaults to ‘-‘, std-out
-f, --filename The output filename. defaults to ‘proctor-tests-matrix.json’
-a, --author The value to use for audit.updatedBy
-v, --version The version to use for audit.version. Supports subversion-like revisions using the ‘r149569’ format