Keyboard Shortcuts

Use the following shortcuts in the IQL web client.

Enter Executes the current query set when one of the query elements is in focus.
Ctrl+Enter Executes the current query set regardless of where the focus is.
Left / Right / Ctrl+Left / Ctrl+Right Moves the cursor inside and between the query part text boxes as if it were a single long text box.
Escape If open, hides the autocomplete list.
Ctrl+Space If closed, opens the autocomplete list.
Windows and Linux  
Alt+D, Alt+Enter Clones the current page in a new browser tab.
Ctrl+Up / Ctrl+Down Moves the cursor vertically between queries while staying in the same query part column.
Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V With no text selected, allows you to copy or paste the complete query from/to all the text boxes in that query line.
Ctrl+Shift+V Allows you to paste a value that looks like a query (for example, starts with ‘from’ or ‘select’) but shouldn’t be treated as one.