Featured Project: Proctor

Proctor is an A/B testing framework written in Java that enables data-driven product design.

Proctor Indeed’s A/B testing framework written in Java
proctor-webapp Java web application that uses proctor-webapp-library to manipulate and view Proctor definitions
proctor-webapp-library Library used for running a web application to create and modify Proctor definitions
proctor-pipet Java web application that provides a simple REST API to Proctor
django-proctor Python package for your Django web app to use Proctor groups
proctor-sample-matrix Proctor test definition files and a Maven pom.xml that demonstrates how to use the Maven plugin’s generator to build them into a single JSON test matrix file
proctor-demo Reference implementation and demonstration of Proctor

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Proctor documentation

Featured Project: Imhotep

Imhotep is a highly scalable analytics platform that lets you do the following:

  • Perform fast, interactive, ad hoc queries and aggregate results for large datasets
  • Combine results from multiple time-series datasets
  • Build your own data tools for analysis, monitoring, reporting, and automated data processing on top of the Imhotep platform

The Imhotep suite includes the following components:

imhotep Core Imhotep code
iql Web interface for making IQL queries against an Imhotep cluster
iupload TSV uploader webapp for an Imhotep cluster
imhotep-tsv-converter Tool to convert TSV files into Flamdex indexes for Imhotep
imhotep-cloudformation Cloudformation scripts and other helper scripts for spinning up an Imhotep cluster in AWS

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Imhotep documentation

Featured Project: Indeed MPH

Indeed MPH (Minimal Perfect Hash Tables) provides an immutable key/value store with efficient space utilization and fast reads. To learn more, read this overview on our Indeed Engineering blog.

Random lookup latency in microseconds

Other Projects

Java Utilities

util-core General Java utilities and helper classes
util-varexport Utility that enables you to expose runtime variables from a running Java application
util-urlparsing Utility to efficiently parse key value pairs from query strings in URLs; also includes fast number parsing and url decoding utilities
util-compress Utility for compressing and uncompressing data; includes snappy and gzip
util-io Utility for performing IO, including many interfaces implemented elsewhere
util-mmap Utility for performing mmap operations and direct memory access
util-serialization Utility for serializing and deserializing data to and from binary and string formats


Status is a project to help report the current state of external systems that an application depends on, as well as the current health of any internal aspects of the application.

LSM Tree

LSM Tree is a fast key/value store that is efficient for high-volume random access reads and writes.

lsmtree-core Implementation of a log-structured merge tree
record-log Library for writing data to append-only record logs optimized for replication
recordcache Provides abstractions around writing record logs, building LSM trees, and performing LSM tree lookups