We are committed to open source

We support open source initiatives and foundations. We help sustain the projects we depend on. We release our own projects too. We’re excited to tell you more.

Indeed is working hard to build one of the best open source programs in the industry and is committed to making meaningful contributions to the open source projects we depend on. We recognize, reward and celebrate Indeeedians who get involved in the open source community. If you love open source, you'll love working at Indeed.

Duane O’Brien,

Head of Open Source at Indeed



Join us at FOSS Asia! We're excited to join the open source community in Singapore. Indeed has three speaking sessions and will have a booth on the Expo Hall floor. Drop by the sessions or booth to learn about Indeed's Open Source Program Office, grab swag, and more!

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Work On Open Source At Indeed

Our Open Source group is a small team with big open source dreams. We are leading a variety of initiatives within Indeed, including:

  • Ensuring that Indeed’s own open source projects thrive
  • Contributing to projects that Indeed relies on
  • Inspiring and empowering all Indeedians to be active participants in the open source projects they care about

Indeed’s engineering culture emphasizes collaboration, innovation, iteration, and data-driven decisions. The company encourages a healthy work-life balance, offers amazing benefits, and provides great opportunities for ongoing education and career development. The Open Source group is looking for people who share our vision and will add new dimensions to our team.

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