Proctor is a A/B testing framework written in Java that enables data-driven product design at Indeed. Proctor consists of data-model, client specification, matrix builder, and java and javascript code generators.


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The following Indeed Engineering blog posts describe Proctor in more detail:

Engineering blog post Description
Proctor: Indeed's A/B Testing Framework Provides an overview of Proctor and A/B testing at Indeed. This is the first part in a blog series on Proctor at Indeed.
How Indeed Uses Proctor for A/B Testing Describes in detail how Indeed integrates Proctor into its development process. This is the second part in a blog series on Proctor at Indeed.
Using Proctor for A/B Testing from a Non-Java Platform Announces the open sourcing of proctor-pipet -- a Java web application that exposes Proctor as a simple REST API accessible over HTTP -- which allows you to do A/B testing in applications written in non-JVM languages.

GitHub source for Proctor:


  • Consistent tests across multiple applications, services and tools
  • Group adjustments without code deploys
  • Rule-based group assignment for segmenting users:
    • Logged-in users: 50% A, 50% B
    • Logged-out users: 25% A, 25% B, 25% C, 25% D
  • Human-readable test format
  • Overriding test groups during internal testing
  • Java and JavaScript code generation for A/B tests groups

Getting Started

Read the Quick Start guide to start running A/B test using Proctor.



Ask and answer questions in our Q&A forum for Proctor: indeedeng-proctor-users


Apache License Version 2.0